Eureka Nen110a Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you searching for the best canister vacuum? There are many models and kinds of canister vacuums are available in the market. It is time to decide which one is best for you. Well, if you are looking for a bagless and affordable model, here we can surely say The Eureka Whirlwind bagless canister vacuum, NEN110A is the perfect choice for you. We after test and analyses wrote Eureka Nen110a Review.

In this blog post, you will find every necessary information about the Eureka Whirlwind. We will explore why people like and prefer the Eureka canister vacuum model. We have discussed all unique features, pros, and cons, and much more in this Eureka Nen110a Review.

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Eureka Nen110a Vacuum Cleaner Review

  • 2-in-1 Dusting Brush Tool
  • Lightweight and weighs only 6.3 lbs
  • LED Headlight to reach dirt in dark corners
  • Powerful suction & Easy to Store
  • It does not have a HEPA filter
  • It has a turbo brush yet has fewer attachments, and the powerhead is not available
  • It has a smaller dirt container

Nen110a is amazing manufacture of Eureka. It delivers multi-floor cleaning with a fingertip brush roll that controls and motorized floor nozzle to easily switch between carpet to hard floor and from hard floor to carpet. Eureka is much lightweight and weighs 7.1 lbs. The vacuum easily converts a portable hand vacuum for easy and effortless cleaning above the floor, stairs, reaching to hard areas, and even car interiors.

The advanced swivel steering engineered in a vacuum provides excellent control and makes it easy to maneuver around and helps to reach hard places and under furniture. Due to di light, you might miss under furniture areas and cupboard, the vacuum has developed LED headlight to help find dust or debris. The vacuum includes a crevice tool, 2-in1dusting brush, and convenient portable storage base.

The cord of 30ft makes cleaning convenient and easy to empty removable dust cup. The power source of the vacuum is corded electric and consumes 120 Volts and 500 Watts of wattage. The Eureka Flash corded bagless stick vacuum is lightweight yet powerful allowing you to tackle any cleaning job from deep carpet to the hard floor without losing suction. With convenient features such as swivel steering, LED headlights, and a removable, easy-empty dust cup the Flash makes effective deep cleaning a breeze.

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Features of Eureka Nen110a

Eureka Flash Corded Stick Vacuum has the following amazing features and specifications.

1. Powerful Suction

It has enormously powerful suction for a deep and thorough cleaning for both carpet and hard floors with fingertip brush roll controls and automatic height adjustment for a perfect cleaning in every situation. The vacuum performs great regardless of the surface type.

2. Easy to Maneuver

Eureka has swivel steering and the self-propelled motorized floor nozzle based on advanced and latest technology makes maneuvering under and around furniture a breeze.

3. LED Headlights

You might miss the dirt and debris under the furniture and some covered placed due to dim light. Eureka has manufactured bright LED headlights to illuminate the cleaning path and helps you to see what you are doing when cleaning under furniture and shadowy corners in the home.

4. Easy to Store

The portable storage base has a small footprint to appropriately fit in closets and corners and lets you hold the vacuum and accessories effortlessly around.

5. Extended Reach

While cleaning under furniture, distant places at home, above the floor, or between the rooms, the lightweight hand vacuum with a 30ft cord would help you to clean from the ground to the ceiling and everything in between. This is an amazing feature of Eureka that makes cleaning so easy and less time-consuming.

6. Easily Converts to Hand Vacuum

An advanced vacuum with nonstop suction power delivers an effective cleaning on stairs and car floor mats with ease.

7. Easy-Empty Dust Cup

Just remove the cover of the dust cup and turn it over, all dirt particles and debris quickly fall into the bin without causing a mess.  You can empty into the trash without having to touch anything.


Weight7.4 lbs
Motor Wattage500W
Dust Cup Capacity1L
Cord Length30ft
Cleaning path11″

 About Eureka

Eureka is an American cleaner product manufacturing corporation. It was founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Eureka has a great contribution to innovate and bring new exciting vacuum cleaner products into the market. This is one of the renowned vacuum cleaner company in North America and all around the world.


This model of Eureka is very suitable for homes with the multi-surface such as hard floors, carpet as well as upholstery. This bagless canister vacuum is not risky for the health of your siblings. There is no need to worry about kids if they are around while cleaning with this vacuum. If you want to buy this affordable and high-performance vacuum, feel free and visit to read customer reviews.

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