How Often Should You Vacuum Hardwood Floors?

How Often Should You Vacuum Hardwood Floors? Are you that mad type of housekeeper or you’d rather do the cleaning stuff only once a week? From very obsessive germaphobes to the lighter sorts of humans who would rather lazy on the couch and eat, people have different attitudes towards housekeeping, good or bad.

So, the important question rises – how often do you have to vacuum your house? Many people are wondering and having trouble deciding how often they ought to be vacuuming and the way repeatedly every week it might be necessary to try this.

Some would think that this question is crazy and absurd. But for folks that are constantly battling their time management of the household business, this obscure point may be a really common one.

So, starting with this question, my answer is going to be more complex than expected, because the matter of vacuuming depends on various factors that are playing there. Each of them will be discussed down below.

Let’s mention everything you would like to understand in matters of vacuuming, even what you ought to do if your lack of affection for cleaning is damaging your floors or your health. So here are the tips that will help you decide exactly when to clean your house, and how you should do it properly.

The Benefits of Vacuuming Often

Vacuuming daily comes with many advantages, both for health and for private wellbeing. People like clean homes, albeit they don’t adore doing particular cleaning. A clean house is more welcoming and it invites, by itself, to a better life for you, the family, or your friends.

Maybe those who hate cleaning don’t want to listen to this, but vacuuming and cleaning the house comes with certain health benefits that they need to seek out. So, let’s discover a number of the foremost important ones:

Health Benefits

Yes, it’s true, vacuuming the house maybe not the favorite thing to try and also a time-consuming task. Of course, there are lots of things to do rather than cleaning the house, but once you will find out the health benefits, you will change your mind.

From the health’s perspective, once you are vacuuming, you’re not just cleaning the house or your flat, but also taking care of the health of the loved ones. Imagine that there are thousands of small microbes that are constantly floating all around you. In time, this issue can lead to lots of allergies or fever.

So, imagine that you are surrounded by bacteria, mites, and mold attacks. For those who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory system issues, cleaning is essential. Otherwise, the dust and bacteria will constantly make them wheeze, and have difficulty breathing.

When people who deal with allergic rhinitis meet the fine dust, pet hair, or dander, they will experience lots of discomforts. Coughing, skin symptoms, or chest congestion are just some of them.

Ok, I hope I didn’t make you feel bad, but you need to know that rare or incomplete vacuum cleaning will cause, in time, acute reactions in sensitive people.

Regular vacuuming is some things you want to do, during this case, so albeit it’s impossible for you to weekly sanitize the carpet fibers with soap and water, at least pay attention to regular vacuuming. A good vacuum will remove all the harmful things from the ground, plus many of them accompany air filters which will increase the air quality tons.

The Social and Physical Benefits of Vacuuming

Have you ever thought that there also are physical benefits that you simply might gain while vacuuming the house, the hard floors, and therefore the carpets? I bet you haven’t.

Some researches indicated that folks who are spending their time cleaning their homes also are healthier and more active. Also, another research made by the University of Indiana concluded that by keeping their homes or flats all clean, people contribute to their health as a whole.

By cleaning and vacuuming the house, you’re doing better to yourself than having some long walks within the park. Also, while vacuuming the house, you get to exercise tons quite you thought, which may be a quite cardio, isn’t it?

As I previously said, there also are some both psychological and also social benefits while vacuuming. The simple thought of cleaning will offer you that feeling of accomplishment. Isn’t it so satisfying when you see all that dirt disappearing and the carpets look all clean again?

This feeling is a major mood-booster. Vacuuming and cleaning can help people fight their depression. There is this Latin saying, “Idle hands, idle mind”, which describes the act of doing nothing, which doesn’t offer any benefit to the mind.

But once you’re taking out the vacuum machine and begin tackling the messy carpet, you’ll prevent depression and other bad thoughts.

Keeping the rugs and carpets all spotless will contribute to the entire image of a house clean, which can inevitably boost your mood.

The Financial Implications of Vacuuming

Another important aspect of vacuuming regularly is the benefit of saving money, which is a great plus. Imagine that while well-maintaining the rugs, the floors, and the carpets, it’s impossible for all these to not resist a very long time.

When you are sucking away all the mess and pollutants that are all on the floor, you will also stay healthier and will not miss any day at work. Also, you will not pay any money for treating allergies or any illness caused by the bacteria in the house.

And you will keep safe any family members that have allergies. Everybody will stay in better shape and reduce the medical expenses they would probably spend.

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Spaces?

The news, in this case, is both good and bad. The bad news is that if you’ve got pets, the mess is going to be more present, so you would possibly have a busier household work, meaning vacuuming a minimum of twice every week.

Otherwise, if you’re not handling these problems in your daily work, you would possibly need to vacuum a minimum of once per week.

The matter of vacuuming depends on various factors, this is often why I will be able to take all and discuss it with details.

But before I answer the question of the frequency of vacuuming, let me expose you to some interesting facts, which may change your perspective on cleaning and therefore the times you’re doing this.

Also, you’ll surely be impressed by this stuff about the bacteria and microbes that are all around you:

  • People are losing almost 1,000,000 skin pieces or particles every 24 hours;
  • There are somewhere between 50 and 100 strands of hair that folks are losing every day;
  • The allergens that are adhering to cat and dog fur can keep their strength even for months now.

Yes, the rugs and therefore the carpets don’t only gather much dust, but they’re catching many of the contaminants that are transported within the air. Which is sweet for the health, right?

But the matter is that these rugs don’t have the likelihood of getting obviate of these bad particles. So, you would like to “help” them and do physical removal.

And this is often how you ought to do it:

It Depends on the sort of vacuum

A thing to stay in mind while deciding what percentage times you ought to vacuum is that the sort of vacuum you’ve got. it’s vital the facility that the vacuum has.

So, it’s crystal clear that a vacuum that comes with a strong motor an honest filtration system will do a far better job while cleaning. If you would like a very powerful vacuum, you’ll inspect the simplest commercial carpet cleaners of 2020 and pick from there.

Vacuum supported the sort of Floor you’ve got

Use these guidelines on the kinds of floors you’ve got then decide how often you ought to vacuum:

Hard floors and tile floors: this sort of floors should be vacuumed weekly. I feel is sufficient for hardwood and tile floors to be cleaned weekly, as they don’t use to carry on the dust and bacteria, such the foremost carpeted floor would do.

The flat construction of hard floors also because of the sealant of most of the hardwood floors and therefore the glaze from the tile will all keep the bacteria all away. Remember though that dust and allergens are often collected on the surface.

More than that, between wooden floorboards and tiles, there might gather all types of bacteria, so vacuuming is extremely important.

Carpeted floors. These should be vacuumed twice weekly. Carpeting demands more frequent vacuuming, thanks to the many fibers which will trap the dust, dirt, and lots of other allergens.
So, due to these, especially the grime and spills, you ought to never neglect the soiled carpet and still walk thereon. Instead, attempt to vacuum the carpets a minimum of twice weekly, this manner you’ll know that your walk is going to be always clean.

Rugs. The rugs should be vacuumed twice weekly. Imagine that the rugs that cover the hard floors, the Harwood, tile, or other short-fiber carpeted floors are absorbing grime and also let the bacteria accumulated over the day.

The coverage area of the rugs will dictate how often you ought to vacuum them. If not all the world of the ground is roofed by rugs, let’s say just half it, please vacuum the entire hard floor.

And don’t forget to get rid of the rugs from the space. If three-quarters or maybe more of the ground is roofed by rugs, then you’ll vacuum the entire hard floor on the opposite week, of course, after removing the rugs.

Pets. Here the items get more complicated. attempt to vacuum every single day if you’ve got pets. If you love them, you ought to also love the habit of vacuuming. Especially if you’ve got big hairy dogs, even cats, you’ll know already that they shed fleas and drop dander everywhere the place.

All these can cause allergies in time and another respiratory illness. And let’s not mention the dirt on the pets’ paws. Ok, so it doesn’t matter the sort of surfaces, meaning floors, you’ve got or the furry pet you’re keen on.

You need to vacuum daily! you would possibly tell me that you simply don’t have time. Ok, then focus only on the areas or rooms the pet is spending its most time. Then not, why not trying to take a position during a modern robotic vacuum cleaner? they’re so helpful during this quiet situation.

Vacuuming supported Room Usage

Ok, we’ve checked the frequency of vacuuming supported the sort of vacuum and also on the ground type. It’s time to maneuver on and discuss this subject supported the traffic space and room usage:

  • Vacuum spaces with average use weekly. as an example, when talking about bedrooms and residential offices, that are used for a couple of members of the house, then once every week should be enough to stay them clean longer.
  • Vacuum high-traffic spaces every 2-3 days. Let’s believe hallways, kitchens, mudrooms, or children’s playrooms. they’re used above average and collect tons of dirt and mud, right? Then as these rooms grow dingy more quickly, you ought to vacuum them more frequently, every few days.
  • Vacuum seldom-used space from 2 to 2 weeks. If you’re wondering which spaces I mention, these are the formal dining rooms, the guest rooms, and therefore the sunrooms, which are usually getting little or no pedestrian traffic.

Vacuuming Tips to require with You

Some would say that vacuuming is such a simple work to try to and there’s no rocket science in cleaning the rooms employing a machine. Well, it’s partially true. But some people tested many tips and tricks during this direction and it’ll be great to share with you the simplest practices for vacuuming floors.

1. Choose the sort of vacuum that suits the floors you’re cleaning. as an example, the canister vacuums, or those that have a motor during a canister that breaks away the vacuum head, are said to be simpler on the hard floors.

Upright vacuums that accompany one unit that contains all the components are perfect for soiled carpets. this is often thanks to the beater bar, which is a rotating brush, which will assist in lifting all the debris that’s inside the carpet.

2. The modes of the vacuum. If you’re employing a vacuum that comes with different types of modes, counting on the ground, choose the one that suits best your work. This way, you’ll avoid damaging in time the surface you’re cleaning.

3. Beater Bar. If the vacuum comes with a beater bar, confirm you disable it before vacuuming any hardwood or tile floors. The beater bar has some hard brush bristles, which will scratch the sensitive surfaces.

4. Adjust the peak of the vacuum head. a number of the vacuum cleaners are coming with an adjustable-height vacuum head. confirm you set them consistent with the manual’s recommendation, counting on the sort of floor.

This way, you’re sure that the extent of suction is the perfect one for the flooring. As you would possibly realize, if the set is just too high, then the vacuum won’t be ready to devour all the dirt or even none of it. And it goes vice-versa. If the top is just too low, the fibers of the carpet will get caught.

5. Invest during a High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA vacuum. These are, in fact, some filters that will catch up tons more dust, bacteria, and allergens than the standard and customary vacuum filters.

6. Change your tactic. attempt to move the vacuum slowly, in only one direction, then pull it back within the reverse direction. Watch the video below to know what I’m saying:

Now, after doing this from end to finish, repeat all the methods within the other way. as an example, if you’ve got want to vacuum within the north-south direction, vacuum again within the east-west direction. This way, you create sure that each one of the surfaces is going to be clean.

7. Never do exactly a quick once-over. Most of the vacuums aren’t that powerful and modern to wash everything up once you re-evaluate just one occasion and quick. So, take some time and slowly skip areas twice.

This way, you’ll confirm all the dirt and mud are going to be sucked away. If you would like more help during this direction. Then why not playing some nice happy music, therefore the process is going to be tons of fun. Remember that vacuuming is often taken as exercising, so an enormous plus here too.

8. Use a special vacuum head when cleaning the carpets. a daily vacuum head for the hard floor won’t handle all the dirt and mud from the carpet. this is often due to the small fibers that compose the carpets.

And the same is often said within the case of drapes. Not only the top won’t clean the carpet because it should, but also your work will become heavier, a complete nightmare.

9. First is that the dusting, then the vacuuming. As a general rule, never vacuum just before you’ve got dusted or cleaned above the ground. So, if you’re wondering which process should be the primary one, make certain that the dusting is that the one.

Just believe it: there’s no advantage in vacuuming the surfaces you’ve got before you clean the dust on the furniture because it might fall on the ground. Dusting will cause mess and can go on to the bottom. If you would like other advice, I might recommend you to use a cloth made from antistatic fibers.

10. Always empty and replace the luggage as often as you’ll. If you’re having a vacuum that comes with a bagless filter, please attempt to empty the canister whenever and clean off the filter.

Do this after each use, although it’d seem an excessive amount. If you’ll neglect this recommendation, you would possibly decrease the lifetime of your vacuum. Also, if the filters are going to be filled with dust, and also the canister, then you’ll cause a decrease in air and pressure.

11. Use a top-quality vacuum.  to prolong the lifetime of the floors, you ought to invest in a vacuum that you simply can afford, but also a qualitative one. a cheap one won’t remove that profound dirt.

And for the carpets, you need a strong motor to urge obviate the entire mess. So, if you’re trying to find advice, confirm the peak is adjustable, a really important feature. This way, the top of the vacuum machine will adapt to any sort of surface.

Vacuum Carpet Frequently

What does frequently mean? It depends on the sort of carpet and the way much traffic it gets. consistent with Shaw Floors, manufacturer of carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate flooring, you ought to vacuum the traffic lanes in high-traffic areas daily and therefore the entire area twice every week. For rooms with light traffic flow, vacuum the traffic lanes twice every week and therefore the entire area once.

For rooms with little to no use, a bi-weekly vacuuming session should suffice. Don’t just provide it a fast lick and call it done, either. Running several passes in several directions over a neighborhood will bring dirt up from rock bottom, lift the pile and stop matting.

If you’re like most people, your home features a sort of flooring types in it. Clean all of them easily with the following pointers.

Vacuum Hard Floors Weekly

Unless you usher in tons of dirt or sand, sleep in a dusty area or have pets, you simply got to vacuum your pave floors once every week. Dust, dander, and other allergens, however, can work their way into the cracks between floorboards so you don’t want to let it go longer unless it’s an area you rarely use.

There’s no need for harsh chemicals. Clean your hard floors naturally with products you have already got around the house.

Vacuum Daily if you’ve got Pets

If you’re keen on your pets, you got to fall crazy together with your vacuum, too. Pets shed and drop fleas and dander which will aggravate or cause allergies and disease. to not mention what they carry in on their paws! regardless of what sort of floors you’ve got, if you’ve got dogs, cats, and/or other furry friends running loose in your home, vacuum a day. If you don’t have time to vacuum, specialize in the rooms—and the furniture—where your pets spend the foremost time. Or, consider investing in a robotic vacuum.

If your pet has an accident on the ground, don’t wait to wash it up. Prompt cleaning will reduce the prospect of lingering odors. Here are other carpet cleaning tips for pet owners…

Use a top-quality Machine

To prolong the lifetime of your floors, invest in the best vacuum you’ll afford. a cheap machine only removes the surface dirt. For carpet, you would like the one which will bring that dirt from down under the fibers. consistent with Mohawk Carpet’s Vacuum Buyer’s Guide, the adjustable-height is that the most vital feature to think about when buying a replacement machine because it allows you to use the vacuum on a spread of sorts of flooring.

If the alternatives of vacuums have your head spinning, inspect Family Handyman’s Buying Guide: what’s the simplest vacuum to Buy?

Next, learn what special steps are required for a way to wash a suede couch.

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Follow best practices for vacuuming floors.
In addition to following frequency guidelines, make certain to vacuum properly, using the ideas below:

How Often do you have to Vacuum? Solved!

Enlist the sort of vacuum best fitted to your flooring type. As a general rule, canister vacuums (this house a motor during a canister that breaks away the vacuum head) are simpler on hard floors as they siphon dust without scattering it. Upright vacuums that contain one unit containing all components are ideal for soiled carpets. They’re usually equipped with a beater bar, which may be a rotating brush that helps lift debris trapped inside carpeting.

If your vacuum has different modes for various floor types, make certain to modify to the mode designed for your floor before vacuuming to avoid damaging the ground.

If your vacuum is provided with a beater bar, disable it before vacuuming hardwood or tile floors because the brush bristles can scratch these surfaces.

Consider investing in a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. These models come equipped with HEPA filters that help catch more dust, allergens, and bacteria than traditional vacuum filters.

If your vacuum has an adjustable-height vacuum head, set the peak consistent with the vacuum manufacturer’s recommendation for your flooring type to make sure that the extent of suction is acceptable for the flooring. If set too high, the vacuum won’t devour any dirt; set too low, the fibers of a carpet may get caught.

Move the vacuum slowly in one direction then pull it back within the reverse direction. After doing the ground end to finish, repeat the method within the other way. for instance, if you originally vacuumed during a north-south direction, vacuum again in an east-west direction to thoroughly clean the surface.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning and vacuuming are often fun and other people can reach the purpose of loving vacuuming, especially if the skills many goodies can this habit brings to them. But once you’ll follow the ideas I talked about during this article, I hope you won’t have a drag with cleaning anymore.

My first thought when it involves vacuuming is that the desire to form people take this as a daily, necessary habit. roll in the hay for your health, your family, and luxuriate in a housecleaning, which will only cause you to feel great.

In my ideal world, my spaces will always be crystal clear. There won’t be any spot of dust, nor lint-frees, and vacuuming is going to be just a bit of cake. However, as none of those is very easy, I’m doing my best to wash my home the maximum amount I can.

I would be so pleased if you’ll tell me what percentage times every week you’re vacuuming and also if you’ve got some tips during this direction. Just leave your experience within the comments down below.

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